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Vaping taking the lion's share of concentrates

Are you seeing these percentages reflected in your sales as well?


Very curious about this as well! From some first hand information we have gleaned that vape sales (the non cannabis kind) are falling :S?

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Interesting - I wonder if the nicotine vape scene is fading from the hype last year, and the THC and CBD vape is on the uprise instead.


Nic I have seen more people going to Vaping cbd with thc and no nicotine at all most of our friends and people we talk to.


We are seeing more interest in CBD from our websites as well. We have both a THC site in CA & we have a CBD site for the rest of the nation. I think many people are seeking relief from pain. We are getting inquiries from Switzerland. There are smoke shops that are set up with high CBD hemp for smoking. They are considering it their medicine, since there is no THC allowed.

I have a background in musculoskeletal dysfunction. Most of the pain that people experience in life is from biomechanical discrepancies. Additionally, most disease is originated by an environment of systemic inflammation in the body. Time magazine did a cover on this in 2004. Alternative medicine people have known this for ages. I think the trend is increasing because, we are living longer, I think this trend is people seeking relief for this pain; That and our nervous systems are overstimulated by technology if not moderated & utilized conscientiously. CBD & THC are obviously very effective to help these issues. I personally have recently been able to get off narcotic sleep meds with both. I’d like to see these trends accompanied with some good nutrition, mediation and exercise. That would be very cool. My 2 cents & theory on why hemp, cannabis, THC, CBD, & vape are on the rise.