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Variation in cannabis potency and prices in a newly legal market: evidence from 30 million cannabis sales in Washington state

Some new research from Washington on the increasing market share of extracts:


I like it…as long as you are growing high quality you are going to get top dollar. This doesn’t account for what “top dollar” is in this continuing downward trend in price per gram…Genetics and grow environment is what it is coming down to.

I think this is a bit sad being an old school sun grown grower/fan myself…I like the movement that this organization is pushing for…

----> ICFA <------

I also love that there are so many variations in user preference which “kind of” blocks the potential to have corporate involvement on the connoisseur level. There will always be “micro grows” like there are “micro brews” I am excited as I have always been watching this legalization movement unfold and to watch where “we the people” take it and allow it to go. It is awesome


Interesting to see the NIH doing market analysis. Haven’t seen a paper like that in a while.

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