Very beginning of Thrips

Hey guys,

Just seeing a few thrips in the tent. No sign of eggs and I’ve only seen 3-4 of them total. I’ve removed the thrips and/or sprayed them with this oil so far. Any additional advice to stop them in their tracks?

I don’t necessarily want to take all the plants out and do anything intense (if I don’t have to) as I’ve just flipped them to flower and given them their first flower nutes.

Tried to get a few pics/clips for you.

Video clips:

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Thirps are aweful get them before they can fly.
Get these also.


Hand grenades and Kerosene… Or you could always move out of state :wink:

I hope it all works out @johnny7980


BTW — No sign of thrips after using that spray and keeping close watch for the last 5 days!