Victory for Cannabis Patients at Arizona Universities

The Arizona Supreme Court ruled unanimously yesterday that the arrest of a student for criminal possession of marijuana in a Arizona State University dormitory was in violation of his rights under the state constitution. The student, Andre Maestas, was a patient who, at the time of the incident, was authorized to use medical marijuana under the state’s Arizona Medical Marijuana Act and was in possession of a valid medical marijuana card. He was arrested in spite of being a patient in possession of a legitimate card. Maestas challenged the arrest and took his case to the Arizona Supreme Court. The court also vacated Maestas criminal marijuana possession charge.

But the fight isn’t over…

Universities in the state of Arizona are still not allowing students to bring cannabis on campus regardless of protected medical status. The Universities are citing federal funding conflicts as their basis for prohibition of medical marijuana on campus.

Good luck getting the students to give up their herb!

Here’s a link to an article from the Arizona Republic:

Medical marijuana legal on college campuses, Arizona Supreme Court rules


Good read, Thank Nick

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Always trying to keep up that relevant content!

It’s really easy for us to become complacent once we have legalized cannabis in our home state. I want to remind everyone that there still is an ongoing fight for the basic right to medicate properly without federal, state, local, municipal , or in this case, campus (really?!?) intervention or interdiction.

There are still 21 states with no medical or recreational cannabis. The fight goes on!