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Video cameras from grow operations driving growth in the storage industry


Interesting article from The Register around how the huge demand for video surveillance storage in Colorado is driving business in the video storage industry:

Do you guys use a video surveillance service at your operation and if so, who is your provider?

#2 has the best prices we could find for security systems. We were one of the first licensed growers in WA state and we checked out every source we could find for security systems and based on ease of use and ease of installation along with pricing we chose Countless other WA growers use their systems as well because of our recommendation and it has saved the WA state cannabis farmers and retailers literally tens of thousands of dollars.


That’s great that you found a good supplier and have been able to help their business via word of mouth.

Which system did you end up buying from them? I’m assuming it records and stores the footage on your premises rather than uploading it to an online storage system? How long do you keep the recordings for?


In WA state the WSLCB requires that we store a minimum of 45 days of recording so that is what we do. The system we chose is a 32 camera system with DVR for $3200.00 and we purchased our four 3T hard drives from Newegg for $109 each to save money. Only 3 of the 3T hard drives are required to store the footage from all the cameras for 45 days. The 4th hard drive is just for a back up in case something goes wrong with one of the 3 used for recording. The total cost of our system was $3636.00 and that was sufficient to pass our final inspection with the WSLCB. I am not a fan of storing our recordings to an online storage system. Keeping them inhouse is a much better plan in my opinion. The WSLCB and request a recording from any day in the last 45 and we would have to put it on a disk and send it to them.