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Video of The Grove's vertical grow setup in Las Vegas

@jerome55 sent me this interesting video showing their vertical shelving system in use at The Grove:


Thank you for sending this! I have seen the Montel stacking system before. Our system is the next step in the evolution of vertical technology, creating an actual vertical face. The benefit is increased space savings and energy efficiency. We are installing our first beta units now in several licensed cultivation operations in Southern California.

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So awesome!!!

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That sounds interesting @dominick.volpini - do you have photos or video you can share yet?

We do, but we are in the process of working with our IP attorney on a couple of the more innovative design details before we post our art in the public domain. We are in the process of installing several beta units in the SoCal area and we will share the details once the IP and beta’s are fully installed. You can follow updates on us from either from or Canopy San Diego. Our goal is to have our turn key units available by Q4 of 2017 for deployment across the country. If you or anyone else is interested in becoming a beta client in the Southern California area, please reach out soon, as our beta slots are 90% full. Thank you for reaching out and requesting more information.


Makes sense - I look forward to seeing more info once you get the IP stuff nailed down.

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