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Video Production and Marketing Services — Looking for my first break

Hi Growers,

I’m an advertising creative director that’s started a small production company focused on the cannabis and beer industries. You may know me from my work for Dos Equis’ “Most Interesting Man” campaign, but I’m shifting my focus from big agency broadcast work to do smaller, quicker-turnaround videos for the digital age, as well as running the marketing/targeting through social channels (at least that’s the long-term goal).

You can see my portfolio of work at The style I have in mind are documentary-format, similar to what I’ve done for the California Craft Brewers Association.

I’m looking to build my company’s portfolio and am hoping to find a cannabis company in Southern California to work with me to produce a video for you, at cost (i.e. I won’t make a profit, but I can afford to pay my editor and any equipment rental).

I’m pretty upfront, so let me know if you have any ideas or would like to chat. Also, if you have any advice for breaking into this great industry, I’d love to talk.



Very interesting. There are a number of marketing firms try to sell to cannabis growers.

Post more link interesting.

The thought of how to create a brand. I want to figure out how to sell the Absolute Vodka of the cannabis world. Absolute is just vodka. A brandy with no flavor. It a brilliant idea. But, how do you market that?

The best channel would be selling to cannabis businesses.

From the voices in my head.


I would love more information on your company, can you please email me at [email protected]

look forward to reviewing your work


Thanks Pepper,

I just sent you an email from Looking forward to chatting.


Hi Rick,

Your vibe and vision is exactly what our company needs right now. Unfortunately our facilities are in Colorado. So if you are interested in filming anything out here please email me at [email protected] and we can discuss.
Our brand is vibrant, conscious, and focuses on clean solvent less products. We are launching tissue cultures, and have two new products coming to market this month. We love creating a culture of community so we are doing some fun things socially as well.
There is a lot of content to work with and I could discuss a little more about our vision for the brand if you are interested. Otherwise, keep up the great work!