Vist to EZTRIM

EZTRIM headquarters resides in the town of Broomfield, halfway between Denver and Boulder. I pulled up to their office on a bright, sunny morning and met with Jason, Director of Sales & Marketing (@EZTRIM on the community). The EZTRIM crew was in the middle of sanitizing their rental equipment, because EZTRIM both sells and rents their equipment to businesses in Colorado and Oregon.

Sanitation for rental equipment

Inside the warehouse

On a tangential note, they’re located along my route home from my previous job. I had no idea that the warehouse I passed by every day was home to their operation.

Obligatory desk of customer stickers

Jason took me into the warehouse and gave me the tour. They chose this location two years ago after outgrowing their previous Denver warehouse. They have a desk full of stickers and promotional materials from their customers. We walked through the assembly and shipping areas and then finished the tour in their R&D area to look at some new equipment:

  • They have developed a bud sorter that operates similarly to a coin sorting device. Buds are poured into one end and are sorted into different bins via holes of increasing size. As the buds tumble down the rotating drum, they fall into the holes fitting their respective size.

  • They’ve also developed a debudder that pops the buds off of the stems. The whole plant is fed into an opening and the buds are popped off, falling into a holding bin below. One version automatically mulches the remaining stem. The debudder is ready for prime time and now available for purchase.

  • The final device I saw was a curing closet that allows for custom temperature and humidity control. It’s intended to save space and labor while also controlling the curing process.

Rosin press with experimental hydraulic attachment

EZTRIM is continually tinkering with their products to solve issues reported from the field. Fixing things is their passion. For example, they were in the process of adding a hydraulic attachment to their rosin press in order to replace the hand crank. There were still some issues to work out though, because their initial tests popped the rosin bags due to excessive pressure. The philosophy of continual improvement is core to EZTRIM and is what makes them successful. In addition to making improvements to their existing products, they have a room full of gadgets that they tinker with and repair for fun during their down time including a couple of old arcade cabinets. They use a 3D printer from Lulzbot to construct anything they need for repairs and tinkering.

Vintage arcade cabinets

Lulzbot 3D printer

Room of toys and projects for repair and restoration

The back of the warehouse is devoted to their employees. They have games and tables set up for recreation. There’s a wall of cork boards plastered with pictures of employee events, pets, customer praise, and volunteer events. I met the shop dog who is shy despite being a beefy dog. He was very interested in me since I smell of my own dogs.

Cork boards full of photos

The cowardly shop dog

A big thank you to Jason for giving me the tour and showing me behind the scenes. It’s great to see a company passionate about improving trimming and processing technology that saves time and money in the industry. If you’re in the northern Denver area, I highly recommend stopping by to visit.