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Want a medical cannabis degree? It may be time to head to Israel

In a first of its kind move, the Max Stern Yezreel College will be offering a bachelor’s degree in medical cannabis starting next year. In their third year of study, students are expected to go hands on with cannabis plants. Israel is planning on being a major global exporter of cannabis and they are going to need students to fill positions. Now students will have the training necessary to compete on the world stage.

This is truly a dream come true for any drug warrior turned pro – or for any student who might want to pursue legitimate study in a fast growing (pun intended) industry.

Will you be going to get a medical cannabis degree in Israel? Once the federal government relaxes its attitudes on cannabis, do you think accredited colleges and universities in the U.S. might start offering similar degrees or academic programs? @memberdirectory what does this move mean for the cannabis industry worldwide?


Northern Michigan Univ has a similar new degree:

Downside: Marquette MI winters are no joke, trust me.


University of Maryland has a Master’s Degree in Medical Cannabis as well, as the first post graduate degree in Cannabis in the USA.

While these courses are good, candidates need to understand they will still not become a ‘Master Grower’ as soon as they graduate. Every cultivation center does things differently and these courses can only cover so much - best case scenario is that these degrees will either help you get that entry level job and move up quickly or maybe even land an Asst. Grower job right out of college. However, expect to get 3 years in under your belt before you get that Director of Cultivation or Master Grower title.


When does one become a “Master Grower” exactly? I hear that term thrown around a lot. Where is the certifying board that assigns this designation. Do you think our industry will ever hit a point where the title might be designated appropriately? Or has our industry so bastardized and perverted the term that it can never be reconciled? Here’s a link to a thread on that very subject:

Thanks for mentioning that point, @HempStaff_Recruiting and plugging the U of M program here in the States. Have you known anyone that completed the program offered by the University of Maryland?


Nice to see the medicinal plant degree. It’s interesting to see how the university managed to circumvent the federal funding issue by adding an all-encompassing “Medicinal Plant” title to the degree and made zero mention of cannabis.

Touche NMU


That is a Very good question. There is no governing board - YET. Right now It’s similar to when someone becomes a Master Programmer in IT… some programming languages have certifications for this, but most it is just based on experience.

Cannabis is very similar to IT in the matter of job growth and promotions, education does not matter as much as proven experience and knowledge. That is why rarely do you hear of someone with a Master’s Degree in an IT field.

Every cannabis client has a different idea of what their Master Grower should look like. However, generally our client consider someone with at least 3-5 years in a legal large cultivation center and at least 1-2 years as the head guy, dealing with inspectors and managing the entire cultivation team.

Right now the term Master Grower is going by the wayside and being replaced with Director of Cultivation - we expect this term to be the one used in the future.

Maryland is just starting this program this fall, we do not know of anyone enrolled at this point.


McGill University (Montreal, Canada) was the first to announce such a program if I’m correct.
Met with the Dean of Faculty of Agriculture and they are putting a solid program together which will begin in 2020


Hmmm … perhaps time to think about going back to school…?


Perhaps your educational calling is in the Promised Land, @digicole?


@Growernick I’m never to old to learn something new… this has my name written all over it - PLUS a vacation too! :slight_smile:


Well, I’ll be lecturing on Advanced Blunt Rolling Techniques at 11 and Cultivation Ethics at 2 :rofl:

Seriously though, what kind of curriculum might you expect to find in a high level university cannabis program? If you were sending your kid off to college to study medical cannabis (and paying for it!?), what would you hope your student might learn?

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