Wanted caregiver with pay

I love to grow , I lost my caregiver for my grow operation . I am willing to pay to put in someone’s name . Anyone looking for extra money . You cannot have felony . I am also looking forward patients .


Hey @snrooks1212 havent seen you for a while welcome back.
If i may ask how did you lose your caregiver?
You really should not post personal info like your phone number or e-mail in the open forum just in case. You can talk to anyone interested in this thread in a direct message when they respond to this thread. What state are you in? Is there some clause in the medical grow state laws that you are from about the caregiver having to be living in the same state as the grow?
Goodluck on finding a new caregiver. Or are you just trying add a name? I dont know much about being a caregiver or the rules or laws in your state. So be careful and try to make only growing threads in this part of the forum. There is a separate section for this type of request. The care giver group in the directory there is a list there. Maybe check there??