Wanting To Build a Grow Room in my Basement

What’s up all thinking about turning part of my basement into a grow room right now I have a 4x4 tent, been growing a year and a half, and have successfully grown 6 plants in that 4x4 as well as harvested a whopping 1000.43g from 4 plants in the 4x4.
So now what I’m thinking is I have about 4x8 feet of space in my basement for a flowering room and about 70 to 74 inches to the ceiling. I am tired of the tent lol and just want a room.
I have been using foam tiles for the barrier from the floor to the bottom of the tent for the thermal barrier and want to keep using them.as they are doing great, maybe add a piece of plywood ontop painted with killz for a roll out tray, I have my led rig which i would have to rebuild to cover the spread of a4x8 room and have the boards, drivers, and hear sinks to to so, I have a 6 inch exhaust into my hvac with a carbon filter so all is good there, I have the ability to run my hvac into my room ready to go, have fans, heaters, pumps timers and just about everything else.
Where I’m running into issues is where the floor joists meet concrete block at the room there is a space I want to fill and seal not just for the grow room but also the house as a whole was thinking paid thing it with killz, using insulation foam in the corners, spraying for bugs, then stuffing fiberglass insulation in the gap and sealing it with foam board and foam board glue. I think this would create a nice flat wall. Then for the floor joists/ceiling using green board. Then frame out the walls with a vapor barrier and insulation and green board. Then build out the actual grow room using foam board lined and glued with mylar, cut the holes for intake and exhaust. Other then thattheonly issue I’m having is with the door as I would need to open the whole wall in order to be able to roll out the tray. Any thoughts and ideas would be great. Thanks Fam


Hey man! Sounds like you have a pretty good idea on what you are wanting to do.

The Only Advice i would give here, is to consider running a dedicated circuit over there, or to install a sub panel, to run all the equipment. what are your plans for any ventilation? another idea on the construction side of things, is to just frame the room out, away from that area that sounds like it’s a headache. no sense in messing around with it, if you can simply just frame it out with metal studs. 1/2 inch drywall would be perfectly fine, and if you build it a bit bigger, you could install two of these like a little airlock. door on one side, and this on the other for when you walk into the room. https://www.globalindustrial.com/p/material-handling/dock-truck/doors-strip/pedestrian-strip-door-curtain-3-w-x-7-h?infoParam.campaignId=T9F&gclid=Cj0KCQjwtsv7BRCmARIsANu-CQf5WQl-X0VGjswpKJWZg0IuLkDc9CiptWJGxeb634gYercDJmpt1LgaAsl5EALw_wcB

Green board is to stop mildew from forming in wet environments, not sure what you do for watering, but if its not spraying all over the place, that might be a bit of over-engineering. but I’m not judging, since its your basement not mine :slight_smile:

lets see. yes on fixing that big gap there, clean it out, kills it, stuff it with fiberglass, then liquid nails up some drywall and your all set!

for the interior, there is that white Mylar plastic they use for grow rooms, or you can just spray on some bright white paint on the walls, or you could hit your local Home Depot or Lowe’s and get some of that reflective insulation (its like a big piece, has foil on one side, foam on the other) and again, liquid nails it up inside of the grow room…so nails and screws don’t breach your vapor barrier.

since your building out a new growing room, it might be time to invest into another Light or two, since your bigger room can manage it. (see power comment above)

do you have a water supply down there? i assume so, but since your building new, it might be worth it to consider how / if you wanna run a water line down there, for like a hose or what ever you use for watering.

hope that helps, and good luck with your project!

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I would.like to run a dedicated 220 sub but have to do the research on it
The green board I was thinking just cause of the humidity, for venting I have intake and exhaust hooked up to my home hvac it’s a 2.5 ton with 100,000 but furnace and a 3/4 hp blower and it has been working out well
The foam with reflective foil.i was thinking but I found some info that that is not the greatest reflector
Liquid nails was something I didnt think of but would work great just have to check the moisture ratings
My rig right now is oversized for the room and I only keep it at 550watts lol it consists of 4 growmau5 pucks which are rated for 4x4 alone plus 4 hlg v2 288 rspecs that are rated for a 5x5 each runs on a hlg-480h-c2100b so I have 2 hlg-480h-c2100b plus the far red ir boards plus the 4 foot agro max pure uv bulb which is rated for a 6x6, but yes at some point after the room and I make some money will add another 4 boards
Water is good I have a water line there and a drain for the winter
I am located in ohio so that’s why I have to think alot about insulation cause of the winter cold but I will say that my buds have really nice shades of blue and purple

I contribute this to the cold during the night hours
Thanks for the help and keep the thoughts coming


looks like you got that shit covered… most people are doing white walls now adays…not sure exactly why but maybe something too look at… and in cold places are better with plants elevated so the roots dont get too cold. other then that… should come out great

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