Was that a terrible move?

So I was training my plant right before flower and one larger branch split but is still attached. Is that branch gonna die now is there something I can do or will it be fine??

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Tape it I did the same thing within a week and a bit it was good just some scaring.


Or even just tighten up that tie you have on it. It should be alright


Add honey too and tape it … Honey as minerals in it it’ll help it heal… Some people use it to clone from what I’ve learned


You can just use some tape, prop up the branch so there is no weight on it and so its perfectly flush to where it use to be. Then use tape to keep it in place. It may take a little time but it will heal and should be fine.

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from the grave

I usually squirt water in it and tape it also like others said. Make sure it tight enough to hold it.

It will just heal and swell into a bump. Look at it like super cropping haha