Wash after harvest?

Hey guys!!
So I read up on washing buds after harvest, has anyone ever done this? If so, pros and cons?
Because I grow outdoor sometimes I be thinking I may need to clean them “good”

Never done it and don’t wanna fuck up my buds.


From what Ive seen… You can wash without damaging trichomes successfully.


I.wash every harvest inside or out for last 2 years…Never use too but I did it one batch I was fighting wpm and was pretty surprised what was on the top of the water. So I Did it with a “normal” batch next grow and got same results. No science to my game… half a bottle of hydrogen peroxide 3% to 3/4 full 5 gallon bucket. Jostle em around gently for 20 seconds then out, drip and rinse with a mist setting. You can have a 2nd bucket of just water as well but I’ve just wittled my practice down is all…


Never have, never will.

I treat my buds with care, no jostling, rough housing or showers.

I grow organically and I used to be a tree frog until a princess kissed me.


I wash every harvest too nothing but great results, do I need to nahhh I’m doing indoor with no critters or wpm but I d rather not risk it ohh but instead of shaking them I put them in front of a fan over the bath tub for a couple of hours


I tested last season washing for the first time, and was very surprised at how some cannabis can be so dirty when grown outdoors. Mud, dust, insects you name it. Its a fairly big mission to do it but worth it at the end. One thing to remember is to dry it carefully else it will get mold. So keep an eye on your buds.