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Washington Post reports University Washington study on stress responses


Link to actual study $$$$


If anyone has access to the actual study please post it! I just can’t pay the 35 dollars.

Also note who funded the study! The VA

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Some of the comments I read on reddit about this study pointed out the fact that it was self-selected groups and therefore just correlational. It could be that the naturally more relaxed people gravitate to smoking more.


I want to read the study myself. Before I read what other people think yetttttt. :scream:I want to read it first! :grinning: Want to see if I find questions first. It’s just how I learn. :innocent: the study looks demented. :imp:

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Blunted Stress Response.pdf (810.7 KB)

Managed to find it with some digging. :smirk:


I love you!


Introduction: great

Method: interesting, use of 2 x2 fractal design. M^2 Mandelbrot set would be a more accurate description. Maastricht Acute Stress Test (MAST) cool test. Very mean test. Torchered buy this type of test in phycology 101, volunteers studies. How is volunteering for your grade voluntary?

Cool conclusions. Well thought out. Not enough background on topic to judge bias.

Good news.

Now I read the reviews and learn.