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Watch for These 7 U.S. Science Regulations/Deregulations in 2018

Here’s the short-list:

  1. Cigarettes with less nicotine and other bad ingredients.
  2. Changes in chemical safety limits.
  3. Legislation around gene editing
  4. Companies will see reduced guidance from Trump administration
  5. A new food label has been pushed to 2020, instead of 2018.
  6. Attempts to stabilize health insurance market.
  7. Repeal of Obama-era carbon emissions rules.
  8. (bonus) States and cities taking up their own health and safety regulations.

What are your thoughts on this list? Anything you’d add or change? How do you think these will affect cannabis?


How about the ever-growing list of pesticide regulations? New pesticides are being added to the ‘naughty’ list each and every day!

We will need to be able to remediate ‘dirty’ oils of more and more pesticides (for medicinal and/or adult-use markets).


@Conor we are actively building a database that lists all the naughty and nice pesticides, along with what pests and diseases they help solve. Do you have any favorite resources we can source for our database?