Watch "Kottonmouth Kings "Positive Vibes"" on YouTube

Here in so cal (southern California) we have a strain called Kings kush… Fucking nuts how many people in this world think alike… Keep doing positive shit everyone!

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Kotton Mouth is tops. But have you heard of these guys from Massachusetts, Stick Figure. Damn these guys rock. stoners, rock stars.

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I have… They play on my California reggae station on Pandora… Great music!!.. Didn’t know they were from Massachusetts tho!! Learn something new everyday :facepunch::call_me_hand:

I think I am right about the location. Let me look for the gig I watch. How is this for free lancing, Roll a spliff, light it and hit play, just watch. Higher vibes.

me.and kotton mouth at the gathering 2015 introduced them to this girl named molly was a crazy festival to say the least lol awesome people KMK

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:facepunch::call_me_hand::metal::sunglasses:… Sick bro!! They started as a local band here in SO CAL… And grew just like our plants!:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

I grew up in the punk rock scene always had buddies in bands growing up