Waterless Vapor-Phase System

Byers Scientific & Manufacturing’s patent-pending Waterless Vapor-Phase System improves on existing odor control methods that leverage vapor technology by ensuring a measurable, controllable and uniform creation and distribution of odor eliminating vapor.

Byers Scientific & Manufacturing is the demonstrated North American leader in cannabis odor neutralization. Our cutting edge hardware and software technology, working in unison with Ecosorb® CNB 100 - a deodorizer formulated specifically for cannabis growing odors - is presently treating over 3.7 million square feet of growing operations.

Our Ecosorb® CNB 100 is a proven safe deodorizer and is a plant, pet & environmentally friendly product. We are pleased to provide a third-party public health and safety assessment located here. We employ CNB 100 in our waterless vapor phase systems to treat greenhouse perimeters and other potential growing operations. For a detailed description of our waterless vapor-phase system including it’s features, please click here.

You are welcome to send me a private message @Byers_Scientific. I would be more than happy to discuss our ordor neutralization system with you.