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We are investing substantial capital in existing and new cultivation facilities on the West Coast

Our company is making investments across the spectrum in plant touching ventures. Investments in Dispenseries, manufacturing, and cultivation. We are looking for experienced operators only. We are very entrepreneurial in our deal structuring. Looking forward to meeting other Cultivators here.



Welcome aboard @brandon!

Thank you! Im excited to be here!

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My interest is piqued! I’m going to send you a private message. Might be able to connect you with some customers of mine looking for capital.


Welcome @georgeworkman3! Glad to have you as part of the community.

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Thanks Nic! I’m finding some interesting reads

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Hi Brandon,
We are talking with investors for our unique sublingual cannabis tablets branded for consumer repeat purchase and high value marketing for : sleep aid, anxiety reduction, pain relief and more. Are you interested?
Steve G

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If you’re serious about acquiring a well established delivery service you should check out the Gold Icon on Weedmaps in Temecula, California, it’s Buds Direct. Give us a call or e-mail if you’re interested

Interested in teaming up with the most efficient, highest throughput CO2 manufacturers in the market?

ExtraktLAB’s 40L extractor is out-performing most 100L+ machines, so is a dream for ROI and investment $.

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Hi Brandon we are small scale farm looking to expand. Can you please describe your type of investment?

Hi Brandon

Are you interested in purchasing hydroponic stores to support your cultivation enterprises or just looking to invest in cannabis specific enterprises?