We asked growers, how do they trim?

What they say:

“I’ve always been impressed with the customer service and technical support from Zoom Technologies. The Zoom trimmers are stout, high-performance machines and rarely have any issues. The one time in my experience that one of our customers needed a warranty-covered replacement part Zoom Technologies was incredibly fast in getting our customer up and running again. Excellent product, excellent company, and excellent support of the end consumer!”

– Mark, Commercial Sales, Monster Gardens


“I bought the Mini Zoom over a year ago and I love it. We cut the flowers off the stem, long leaf it, feed slowly with gentle tumbling until it’s to the end. The flower comes out perfect!!! Onto the screens until dry then we bag and it goes fast and comes out perfect (don’t get hung up on lbs. per hour). The Mini Z is the best trimmer that I have ever used. This product is Big B approved.”


We are open to any and all questions from members of the Growers Network community. We would love to add your feedback to our valued list of satisfied cultivators!

~ Barry