We get admitted cannabis users APPROVED for life insurance

Pot smokers, concentrate users and edible eaters!
Have you been turned down for life insurance because you use cannabis in one form or another?
• Never applied because you feared being declined?
• We can insure a cannabis user for life insurance.
• Having a medical marijuana card is not required.
• Marijuana being legal in your state is not a requirement.

We work with an insurer that is 420 friendly and will issue a policy if one is insurable otherwise. We have over a dozen additional insurers in our portfolio that accept cannabis users.
To see what it would cost to ensure that your loved ones can live debt free including your mortgage in the event you were to die:
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Is that a common question now for life insurance policies? I don’t have life insurance (I don’t think I ever have actually,) what testing or methods do they do to verify? Drug testing?

Thanks for posting this up @cannalifeinsurance !

Hi Jordan,

First of all nice to meet you here and good luck on your new positon at Growers Network. Your company is amazing and is going places my friend! Enjoy the ride!

Regarding what testing is done when applying for life insurance. The answer depends on many factors. But the normal way an insurer can and does test is during the insurance exam and para-med which includes testing for THC in the urine and/or blood. Some companies check for THC in the urine only and some test both.

Keep in mind up to this point it mattered how one would answer the question: Have you ‘ever’ usedmarijuana. In my 31+ years selling life insurance to thousands of people, I only had 1 person answer yes. This is the same for all agents. People hide the truth. They also get caught and DECLINED! No longer. I feel great about what my company can offer the cannabis community now.

My main insurer is 420 friendly and as long as the user admits to using cannabis, then it is not a factor. The proposed insured does NOT need to live in a legalized state nor do they have to have a medical marijuana card. This is new and exciting and my company I started CannaLife Insurance & Financial solutions with the main goal after 30 years in the insurance industry to bring my knowledge and industry connections together to assist the cannabis user (all forms) to obtain life insurance and not be declined (s long as otherwise insurable). However, we also offer life insurance to a cannabis business owner(s) as personal insurance only at this time. Also, life insurance and many other insurance products to are available through a select insurer i work with for cannabis employees. This is done on a payroll deduction work-site marketing platform. It does not cost the employer anything to participate in offer in these incredible benefits to their valued staff.

Lastly,what started out as a need for many growers and has now expanded to all of the cannabis businesses is the need for funding for some businesses. I have started a division that is involved in CANNABIS FUNDING. From $25,000 - ??? (millions…call to inquire).

Jordan, feel free to contact me anytime if you have any questions.
Again congratulations on your new position.


Ken Kaufman, LUTCF
CannaLife Ins & Fin’l Solutions, Founder & CEO
O. 623-977-3411
E. [email protected]
W. www.CannaLifeInsurance.com

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Thank you, that’s very kind of you say!

If you ever feel comfortable about elaborating more on this on here, by all means that’s definitely interesting!

I may just do that Ken, always interested in learning more!

Appreciate the gesture and kind words, will keep you in mind if I’m ever approached or see someone in need!

I will definitely be a more frequent poster on the niche financial services my companies offer the cannabis community which i am proud to be a card carrying member of. I also will be signing up for the ‘Grower’s Network’ marketing program. I had discussed with Mike Rodriguez a few months back. It is on the top of my priority lists this year! And yes, referrals are gladly accepted. Thank you.

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