We love Sensi

I made a music video about 10 years ago for a close friend and mentor Bushy Williams. We a traveled around mpumulanga in South Africa and the northern part of Swaziland smoking weed and promoting cannabis. Good times.

Bushy has since formed a band with another musical rasta Bukka Yut. He is an amazing entertainer, base guitarist and singer. I hosted both of them a couple months ago and helped them rock a gig in another local town.




We sing for freedom.


So my mates just finished recording his latest song and given me permission to share far and wide. Would love to hear your feedback, enjoy. Most Wanted by Bushy Williams and Blakka Yut n Yut. Going to be making a music video in a couple weeks with them.



I can picture a sunny warm place with a nice big fatty in hand.:sunglasses:. Just chillin. :wink::+1: Very nice indeed @chrisj. :v:
Thanks for sharing. :clap::clap::clap: