Week 5 on my grow a few pics

Well I just got on here a few weeks ago and didn’t start a grow journal. Just randomly posted pictures. Next time I’ll start a journal from A to Z. Plus I had a lot of the pictures on my cell phone and Win 10 just refuses to get all of them. So anyway here is just a few pics from this morning which is week 5 of flower. These girls are Mandarin Cookies (Ethos Genetics) and Gelato OG (Seedsman in house) They are both 10 week flower strains so halfway through.

First up the Gelato…kinda hard to take pictures cause in the back of the tent and can’t see through the viewfinder on the Nikon.

Mandarin Cookies


Looks good bud especially the mandarin cookies that’s one of my favorites! I would definitely start pumpin some carbs and sugars into the lady’s if you’re not already


Looking good

Actually the Gelato has more resin on it…just can’t get to the back of the tent to get a good pic. And yep gave them a dose of Bud Candy, Big Bud, and Bud Factor X this morning along with bloom nutes. Week 8 I’m gonna hit em with the Winter Frost and see what happens. Then flush week 9&10.

Let me see if I can lean over them and get a good pic…