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What a beautiful grow

I’ll tell ya, this round is definitely my best yet. I gotta pay myself on the back for it this one. Yay me! Lots of time and love went into this one. End of week 5. Now I have to be patient


If you could have a pat on your back with from every beautiful flower in that room, you would have a very sore back. Looking bloody amazing Chef.


Shit that is beautiful… grow goals right there


Lol now you can pay tour electric bill! Ha ha. Hey is it legal to grow where you are? If so i wouldnt worry about paying the electricty bill. If your not legal that letter is a red flag that your being watched by people with big mouths that tell people about your usages and then they start gaining evidence against you. like talking to trash collectors about getting your trash to search and utility bills and then they make a case and you get raided. This scares me a lot. So im alway shaving down electricity bills. I can run about 10,000 watts for about $200 a month. This works well for me. I changed all the t5 bulbs to uv/uvb led tubes. And i only flowered at 750 watts this time as opposed to 1050 watts. And made my own lights to save juice. I can run 3) 4x4 bloom tents and 2 more veg tents.


Yes it is beautiful

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Yeah I’m in the legal limits. I kind of have to I have a family


Which is why I need to save money on the electric bill


2ish more weeks!!!