What are good places online to meet single women who love 420 like we do?

I have been on the dating scene, after 25 years of marriage, for all of a week now and I am already exhausted. Met one girl who came over, even though I told her I grow and I smoke daily, that hated the smell of my Forbidden Fruit Cake freshly harvested. If you have not had the pleasure of smelling this strain your missing out. Powerful pungent fruity aroma. Then she got mad at me for being honest that we were not gonna work out because she hates pot??! I put it in my profile that I grow with my sons and it is a large part of my life!? I dont know where to go to find truly 420 friendly singles? Any help?


I’ve seen 420 dating apps before so Google 420 dating apps and u should get a lot of results. good luck


I must have really good weed, thats kinda fuckin obvious. I’m an idiot

Yup literally called 420 singles.

What state are you located in?

Lol all good I have my brain cramps to

Looking for some relief for the past 25 years? A night of company? Ya

As a 49-year old female, I feel your pain. Most of the cannabis dating apps are young people. On regular dating apps, guys don’t read profiles, so even putting in there that I smoke and work in the industry doesn’t mean a thing. They just look at photos, so maybe put more pics of yourself in front of your plants or something to put it out there. I can’t date anyone who doesn’t smoke. I won’t.


I am in Michigan

Look at the pack sides of the small newspaper has all the information you need just be safe when you have the company to stop by.

Agreed! Smoking is a must for whoever I go out with. Also, lies! I read the profiles more than I do not. But you are probably right about most of tje guys on thise things.

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That’s for prostitutes. I don’t know any women, looking to date, who put ads in…newspapers.

My bad I didn’t understand the question?

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That’s a great advice! Just check best dating sites for over 40 (tinder and cannabis dating app are full of 18-20 yo) and make sure it is clear from the beginning what do you like. Picture, signature, description about yourself, write it everywhere you can. For sure there are lots of us. The other great place to meet such a lady is Ibiza (when the borders are open of course). From my experience all people there are 420 friendly )))

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Dating is not easy, especially coming out of a long term marriage, like putting a goldfish in a lake. A couple reputable dating sites for stoners are below:

High There

420 Singles

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