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What are your best selling strains?

What’s the most popular in your area? Have you seen that change over time?

In Sacramento Ca we are seeing the most movement with wedding or birthday cake, purple punch, ak 47, super lemon haze and pretty much any top top shelf og’s


Interesting @mattallen1977 , what would you say draws people to those strains?

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Wedding or birthday cake for the smell taste and indica dominant high, ak47 and super lemon haze for the taste and head high sativa, and purple punch for the straight up smell, taste, look, and mellow high.


And the good og’s, are a cali favorite, for years past and to come.


Gorilla glue number four is the most popular here in Phoenix right now I would say the KK by Wiz Khalifa at reef is always sold out and my Skywalker Bubba and my orange crush are also quite desirable not to mention my thin mint Girl Scout cookies.


@tasiakelle Is supply of the KK difficult to acquire?

Yes, it sells out immediately, I’m pretty sure it’s $360 an oz… I do not think that they have an adequate supply of it yet overtime they well but they’re probably only in there 10th to 12th perpetual harvest of it.

Makes me wonder whether the future of popular strains will be dominated by those marketed by known brands e.g., Wiz Khalifa, Snoop Dogg, Woody Nelson, etc…

When’s the Trump Terpenstein stain going to hit shelves?


Hahahha. Actually you’re onto something there, my extraction company is a movie reference and became popular immediately. Like Pineapple Express, the name is Santiago and Dunbar while not all get the reference the name spreads fast if it’s already known, so yeah you’re absolutely right, my Skywaler is my favorite strain right now because the movies coming out…but because it is an Indica dominate with a taste and smell that brings me back to the first time I smoked.


It’s always interesting to find out where people get their business and strain names from and see the pop culture references. Like @garymorgan mentioning that his company name of Moog Droog is Welsh for marijuana. Thanks for giving us the background on yours @tasiakelle . There’s certainly no lack of fun and creativity in the naming of cannabis strains and businesses!


I love hearing from the retail side what the popular strains and trends are. Thanks for sharing!