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What are your Independence Day plans?

July 4th marks Independence Day here in the United States. Cookouts and fireworks are an American tradition. What are you doing to celebrate? Are you going to watch fireworks while burning some fire? Is your dispensary open on the 4th? What are your plans for the holiday?


Honey Do Items ! Already picked up a couple of nice rib eye steaks to BBQ. Living in Oxnard CA many of our neighbors are Hispanic and love setting off fireworks. It’s already been an on going event every evening which our little dog Pico lets us know he doesn’t appreciate.
We will just set up a couple of lawn chairs in the driveway and watch the 360 degree display that will go on all around us. It’s quite a spectacle .


BBQ with the homies and watching fireworks!


My wife Sara and I celebrated the day by barbequing 2 Rib Eyes. Purchased from Wal-Mart and WOW were they juicy and tender! Wal-Mart is getting to be our one stop shopping place. I used to turn my nose up at shopping there.

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