What are your most common team management issues?

Hi all!

There doesn’t seem to be a whole lot of conversation in the Network about team management yet, so we were just wondering – what are you most common team management issues? Is it employee drama? Product going missing? People not showing up on time? What do you deal with as an employer and/or business manager on a daily basis?

Comment with the type of business you’re in, your role in the company, and your biggest HR pain point.
Thanks for your time!

We look forward to seeing what you come up with!


Is anyone else having trouble posting on this thread? Seems to be causing some problems…

From my experience here on GN. The most active members seem to be the home growers. Most of the Vendors or @growopowners don’t post much or interact here. To some reason. Idk.

As for me when I ran a facility here in Ca. It was trying to get honest people who where non felons. Funny as that might sound LA is full of felons and for some reason they all want to work in cannabis. I would not have a problem with this, as I feel everyone needs a break from time to time. Yet the rules won’t allow it.
Idk the people making the rules don’t even understand how the industry works. Let alone how a plant grows. Some of the best growers are of course convicted felons for growing and selling. Trying to get a felony removed from your record in Ca takes an act of God.


@hrpaul @MK3_Pharms is correct in his assessment. I sent you an email further explaining the policy and a potential work-around. I also addressed your question regarding Blog posts. We can continue the discussion via email. Thanks for being part of Growers Network!!