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What are your opinions to RSO?

What is your take on RSO (Rick Simpson Oil) and it’s health benefits? Vs raw plant material… Extracts… Etc

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Wow, another really big open ended question. Please be more specific with your questions or you might not get many people responding.
It depends on how the raw materials are grown/sourced and how it’s processed. I’ll leave it at that or I might be here all night.

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There’s quite a few different ways to make it, but it’s essentially a relatively simple “extraction” method using organic solvents. I think its benefits will be determined heavily by the person performing the extraction and their methodology.

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Full Ensemble Cannabis Extracts have been the source of a huge number of anecdotal reports and I have people I’ve provided to whose lab results indicate that something was going on because now there’s no mass detected. The only cannabis extracts properly referred to as Rick Simpson Oil, RSO or Phoenix Tears are those made with what in Canada is called “sweet” or “light” naptha and in the US is called Petroleum Ether.