What could this be fungus of some sort?

Any thoughts as to what is causing this.


@swazi , that is classic WPM (white powdery mildew)

You need some hypochlorous acid ASAP… spray a product like this (0.050%) at a 1:1 ratio with R/O or distilled water…



Shucks not the white stuff on the leaf thats biosulphur its part of my ipm. There is no mildew on the leaves.
I ment the top photo was thinking it could be pythium or fasarium but checked the roots and as healthy as can be im just a little srumped as to wat could be causing the crowns to do wat they are doing.

The stems of the plants have not got any browning and niether does the stems crossection.

It seems quite healthy and off the 1500 plants in the room only 3 are displaying it


LOL, well that’s better than WPM !
I see a little bit of margin burn on a couple of fan leaves also…
Any foliar that contains sulfur can be pretty hot. All sulfur compounds can absorb water and form sulfuric acid (H2SO4).
Wherever you see accumulations on the leaves you may want to come back with some R/O or distilled water and mist them good to wash some of the surface sulfur off…

It may have occured when you got to the bottom of your sprayer and your concentration went up ??


I get the ladies that do the sprays to make sure they mix the spray tank every so often. But as im running between tunnels i think they sometimes forget which could be the case.

I thought it could be that or some of the ipm solutions could have caused a droplet to engulf the crown … when the sun came out it could have perhaps burn it.
Just find it odd that it only happened to 3 plant right next to eacg other.
Which could lean to the solution not being mixed proplerly at the end of spray tank.

Just the staff are just really good at that so led me to beleave that it was a pathogen of sorts.


Welcome to the forum by the way. @TheMadFlascher is all over it i see. :+1:


Welcome @swazi I’m new to the forum myself. Everyone here has been rad as you can see! Look forward to learning from you so it seems as well!



Blessing happy to be here love an interactive group.
Happy to help and share knowledge in every way i can.

Update nothing seems to be spreadin atm so was more than likely a burn due to drop forming on the crown and scorching the plants crown.

It was removed immediately when discovered. And seems that the plant that displayed it arent showing further signs of it.

Ill update if the situation changes