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What do I need to know?

This is not a grow from home question. Buttttt- couldn’t find the right category. So here it goes.
Commercial growers: what would you expect of your employee. There will be the grower and me. There are 2 others to take up the slack for days off and stuff but are part time. I need to know what I need to know. I’ve studied a lot but don’t know anything about day to day expectations. I would like to be knowledgeable. Thank you!


I’ll go first, even if I’m not a professional. I’ve managed many teams in my careers and there are some things that are mandatory for me :

Your employes must be ready to learn and follow instructions clearly.
They have to keep a clear record of their interactions with the products.
They must be able to work unsupervised.
They must be honest with themselves and the company.
They must be passionate about what they do and want to improve.
They should be able to express any concerns they have in a mature way.
They should be able to work in a team and share all their common knowledge for the good of the company, even if they have to challenge you a bit (politely and in a mature way, always).

But most of all (for me) they have to be happy to work in your place.

Wherever you work, if your team can do all that, you are going to surpass all expectations!

I hope this help anyway…

Have a great day @fifth and plenty of good vibes sent your way!


Thank you @kapouic. Absolutely I have worked many jobs Poker Dealer, wall Mart, Hairdresser, Dispensary. Hairdresser was very easy customer service and all. Wal-Mart same but very team oriented. Poker Dealer same as wm but you put up with a lot of shit! I truly Loved the Dispensary the best! So I’m very passionate about Cannabis! I just can’t wait to get started.
I guess my biggest downfall right now is keeping records or documentation. I know we will have that set up to make things easier, I will make sure of it!


I was a union steward for 6000 teamsters in the mid 80’s

@kapouic is spot on, only thing I can add is, I never worked stoned, drunk, that was just me. Maybe at the beginning have that policy, slowly get into if you want with employee(s)

Just my 2 cents


Even tho I have been an avid smoker for years I do understand a no high policy. I don’t know if that will be implemented at all. I personally do not smoke with co workers. It makes things a little too familiar. So ill smoke on my own b4 and after work. Oh let’s face it Lunch time also. Lol :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Yeah, after all it is a cannabis industry :slight_smile:


High everyone! I started the new job. Right now remodeling the building. Can I work with no supervision? YES I can
Ha ha. I have run a 4000psi power washer going on second week. That may not be a lot for some but I am 5’2" and weigh 96lbs. Lol only one hole in wall! Lol.
I am taking paint off of cement floors! Its kinda like having a piece of paper and drawing lines with a pen and covering every single bit. Difficult very, satisfying very! Gaining upper body strength! Yes,yes,yes!
I feel like I’m self Quarentine for no reason. Could be a good thing right now.
There are 4 rooms and then some.
Things I’ve learned the last few weeks: 4000psi is not easy, about carries me away! Lol.
At 56 I will become very strong! Physical and mental.- its hard to spend so much time by myself. I can be boring at times. Lol. Like I said I’m a small woman. So filling gas tank with full gas can is challenging.
Starting the dam thing is an achievement in its self!
Use Both hands at all times! My legs and feet can help control the sprayer!
If does not come off easy move on and keep going back over difficult areas. Keep area ventilated! There are different types of ends for different uses.
A dime can be very helpful! The handle was very hard to ‘pop’. Start sprayer. I looked close and a dime fit perfectly between trigger and handle! Didn’t take near the effort! I ended up using wire and holding trigger on all times. There is more than one way to skin a cat!
The rooms are approximately 100ft by 40ft. 4 rooms, 1st done 3 to go!
I will have 1st room clean by noon today. Then start the acid wash then Epoxy floor. This is gonna be a fantastic grow!
I know this is not a home grow but some ppl may be interested in the process of starting a new facility from pealing paint off the floor till we really start to grow!
Thanks for reading.
Oh ya I fall asleep at 8:30 every night! Up at 5am!

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