What do y’all think about zookies strain

I would like to know if zookies is primarily a hard strain to grow or is it a high thc or you have experience this strain what are your thoughts on zookies


High @jaydenbfishen and welcome to the network!

I have no experience with this strain, you can read a little on it as it is high on thc and moderate difficulties for growing from what I have read



I am just going to try Zookies strain. I have found some information at https://askgrowers.com/strains/zookies-strain-review. From what I’ve read, this strain has high THC and I liked a comment on this website: “Wtf! Damn! I thought I have already tried the best weed but this one was smth unreal! Yeah, now I smoke only this zookies strain and feel great like never before. And this pungent taste makes me go crazy all the time!”

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