What do you do with male plants?

It seems the ladies get all the attention in this business – of course I’m talking about our plants :wink:

Gone are the days of simply trashing male plants when they pop up during pheno hunting. We have seen many growers in the industry shift from viewing males as nuisances in favor of coveting them like gold. You never know when that male plant towering over your fragrant ladies might breed the next big cultivar…

Today’s topic involves what we growers do with male plants when they show their sexy selves for who they really are. So @memberdirectory: what do you do with male plants? Are you tossing them to the curb lest they impregnate your luscious female plants? Or are you letting those studs do their thing and breeding some new strains? Let’s chat about dude plants.

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When I see a male plant, my action plan is:

  • Kill the males
  • Keep the males

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