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What do you grow besides cannabis?

Cannabis is a great plant. But it’s not the only one. Tell us what else you grow and why!

  • Basil! I love growing basil to make my own pesto. Pesto is flat-out amazing.
  • Tomatoes! Cherry tomatoes in particular, because they remind me of my childhood. My mom always grows cherry tomatoes in the backyard that produce crazy amounts of cherry tomatoes. You can snack on them all day.
  • Garlic. It’s super easy to grow, and it tastes better when you grow it yourself.
  • Bell peppers and Jalapenos – I haven’t had much opportunity to grow these lately, but they’re so much better when you grow your own. I know my home-grown jalapenos are hotter than store-bought habaneros. That said, peppers are a fun challenge because they’re pretty finicky plants.

I love growing plants. I teach my children the basics of life, and one of them is to be able to provide food for yourself.
Growing is also an amazing way to get the kids ( and yourself ) out the house and into nature.
Currently growing -
That’s what I am finishing up this year, starting my own greenhouse and should have a great harvest coming soon!

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Interesting. With your pomegranates and lemons, did you start from a sapling? I imagine that would’ve taken quite a while.

And pumpkins eh? Is that a seasonal thing? I’ve tried my hand at watermelons before, ended up seeding them a little too close to each other.

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Received Pom’s and lemons when they were about a foot tall. Harvested a dozen oranges this week and about 6 lemons last month. The fruits do take awhile to produce anything. Sometimes 3 years or more.

Pumpkins I do seasonal. Mostly for the 3 kids I have. They enjoy planting and harvesting them. Watching their pumpkins bloom and grow. I don’t waste the food though. Some we decorate, most we cook into muffins, breads, pies, and loafs.

I planted watermelon this year. Didn’t get any though. One rotted, and animals got the rest. My end harvest wasn’t grand since I am converting half my garden into a greenhouse. So a lot of chaos in the garden right now. Cant wait for spring!!!


I have a green and purple grape vine. Harvested 15lbs of green grapes this year! Took 3 years to produce that though.


What are you going to do with all them grapes?

I was thinking the same thing. Homemade wine?

We grow green beans in our cannabis crops because spider mites prefer bean plants to cannabis plants so they attack the green beans first which then alerts us to the problem.


Great use of mixed cropping! I didn’t know that mites preferred bean plants.


Yes. Homemade wine it is. They are good frozen for a year so once spring comes I will be turning these plump grapes into wine. Exciting first try it will be I’m sure.


Nice, hope it goes well! And if the first batch doesn’t turn out well, you can always distill it down. My dad does that with failed batches from a local winemaker that he’s friends with (your local laws apply, of course - he’s in Australia, but I think his still might technically run afoul of local ordinances).

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