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What do you think are the most "worth it" cannabis & cbd trade shows to attend?

Trying to get an idea of which shows people have enjoyed the most, and gained the most business insight out of!


For me, MJBizCon in the Fall is a must. It’s in Vegas every year, and this year it’s in December. I’ve made great connections with people there.

There are trade shows every week, so it’s crucial to determine where your target audience is. I am a social media consultant, so a lot of them are great for me to build connections and relationships.

If you are on the grow side, there are shows specific to your niche.

Locally, (Arizona), NCIA has quarterly caucuses. Those are other great resources to meet people. See if they have some near you.


@dean-zodaka I’m interested in responses. Thank you for this question.


I agree with @amy here that MJBiz is the must-attend event of the year for networking, connections, and for some of us, our annual reunion!

As @amy has correctly stated, there are so many trade shows these days that if you tried to attend them all you’d never go home – and you’d probably go broke! I think it’s always worth looking at what you are trying to get out of a trade show and then examine the event schedule, speakers, exhibitors and attendee demographics. Shows can get very expensive very fast so being selective and cherry picking the shows that make the most sense for your needs as an individual or business can save a lot of hassle.

I personally attend shows with a technical focus on medicine, science, cultivation and/or extraction. I have a few shows to which I can’t miss.