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What does "Industrial Grade" For LED Lighting Mean to You!?

Hello Everyone! My name is Rebecca, I’ve been working with LEDs in photobiology research for many years and I’m very excited to work with #vendor-corner:bios-lighting because I know the importance of consistency and reliability when it comes to crop production and grow lighting. We put together a list of 3 tenets that we feel are important for LED grow lighting, and we made videos for 2 of the 3… What do you think? What does “Industrial Grade” for LEDs mean to you?

With grow operations comes the possibility for water leaks, moisture build-up, and exposure to air-borne sprays. BIOS fixtures are wet-rated, which means they are designed and built to withstand these conditions.

Moisture and debris particles in the air can accumulate on fixtures and LEDs, reducing light output by over 10%. BIOS fixtures are designed with tempered glass optics which allow easy dirt removal and optimal light output over the long fixture life.

Solid Construction
BIOS fixtures are built tough. Only quality materials and components are used from the driver to the tempered-glass cover. With no moving parts or assembly required, BIOS fixtures are rugged and ready for immediate installation.

See the article and more here:

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Have you had lighting issues with durability over time?



Industrial LEDs to me also include a long fixture life and good warranty (which, as a consumer, just confirms the claim of durability)


Happy to report my LED’s have all functioned flawlessly thus far


Thank you for posting Nick!!