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What does proper ipm or IPc look like?

Integrated pest management is a complicated subject. There are many diseases, pests, molds, and funguses to protect your plants against.
How do you make sure you are protecting your plants from all of them?

I’ve developed my strategies to fight the issues I’ve had but may not be protected from things I’ve not experienced.
I do my best to keep my environment stable, clean, with no dead material lying around or in the pots. 99% Rh in clone domes, 60% rh in veg and 50% in flower. Lower at the end of flower.
I use bti in my nutrient solution
I use a bio fungicide top side in veg and flower
I use neem every couple of weeks on moms and in veg but not in flower.
I feel like I’m missing some critical ipm here…

What do your ipm strategies look like?


Great question, @vinny!

The simple answer to that – and keep in mind there is no singular silver bullet here – is prevention! The key to an effective IPM strategy is being proactive. Cleanliness procedures alongside proactive pest/fungi treatments can all be tools to help ensure that your facility remains free of outbreaks. There are many organic solutions that can also help you effect your IPM strategy. With ample prevention, outbreaks can be spotted early and mitigated effectively. Being present with your crops daily is integral to being able to spot and identify potential issues before they become devastating.

Based on the list you provided, it sounds like you are already practicing many effective IPM strategies. Your environmental conditions seem ideal and you are being proactive in your grow. Have you found any issues with what you are doing? What component do you feel you might be missing?

This may sound like a weird question, but when you are in your grow, what are you wearing?

Please don’t answer “Khakis”…


No not yet. I’ve had all these issues in the past and have learned to prevent them. It’s the things I have not dealt with that I’m worried I’m not doing a great job of preventing :grimacing:. Pre worry lol.
I use the neem for spider mites, the bti for fungus gnats, the bio fungicide for pm. Those are the only issues I’ve had. And the only things I treat preventatively for

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On my home garden we just toss on a lab coat. We have not started growing in our commercial spot yet. When we do I’m thinking scrubs or cover all’s.


Right on! You may want to consider having an area separate from your cultivation areas for doffing PPE’s and scrubs. Minimizing exposure to the outside world is, IMHO, a critical component to IPM In an indoor cultivation facility.

What about your shoes? Are you wearing street shoes in your cultivation areas?

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Hadn’t t thought about that one… yes I am now. galoshes are cheap. We could use those. Our plans have the entrance in my office. All grow rooms are segregated. We do have to go down the hall to the end of the Building where the bathroom is to change or wash up. We will
Have a shower in there too. It sucks having to walk trough the building to change but there is no sewage line at the front.

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