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What Growers look for when leasing land


I am a landowner in CA and looking to educate myself on what growers look for when choosing land to grow on (outdoor or greenhouse). I would like to start looking into leasing some land for cannabis growers. Any info would be appreciated :slight_smile:

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Here’s a consultant that works specifically in cannabis real estate. Good luck!


Access to infrastructure is important; roads, water, electricity. Favorable exposure to the sun; light that is uninterrupted by trees or mountains throughout the day. I’d say the first point is probably the most important as I’ve seen several projects stop before they’ve even started due to the costs associated with getting adequate roads, water, and electricity.


Thank you Chris, I will go ahead and explore the real estate site to see what the going prices are these days!

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Thank you, this is awesome! Great to hear. So far the location of my land fits all into your right categories and requirements :slight_smile: I will have to investigate how much the costs would be for running electricity and water. Roads are already there and it’s in California City, CA so very flat and no trees. So I believe I can work with this! Thanks again!

Access to power, water. relatively flat land, loamy soil.
City or county that is cannabis friendly, not too over regulated or over taxed


Thank you! Yes I will look into the costs for water and electricity. Its off a road and a small community is near so water access is doable. It’s flat and no trees in California City, CA so there shouldn’t be any problems there. This feedback is great! Thank you once again :slight_smile:

Hi @arielle

Exciting times ahead for you and wishing you the best for your operation. I am not from USA, but something to also consider, besides the environmental factors of your location is a business plan. I suggested this just yesterday for newbie growers starting out, doing a budget. Not just that but although cannabis is legal for personal use in Cali, consider the legal ramifications of growing are as well as the limitations e.g not growing within a certain distance of a learning facility. Also market research, the area you are growing in could be overstocked which means you will battle to shift product, on a positive note supply could be needed in your area. So with all that in mind, like @chrisD suggested, contact a cannabis consultant for more sound advice and industry knowledge. Good luck and hope to hear and see progress in your journey.

@arielle, while all the amenities listed above are great to have, none of it matters if your local municipality doesn’t allow cultivation. I’ll tell you, as a cultivator, cannabis land owner, and cannabis property tenant, that the FIRST AND FOREMOST thing I look at is local regs. If you’re serious about going down this road, you need to be up on not only the local ordinances, but how the local municipality feels about said ordinances. If your property is actually in CA City, and not considered Kern county unincorporated, you have a shot. Kern county has an outright ban on cultivation. CA City allows for indoor grows ONLY, which luckily does include greenhouses. You’ll need to do your research to find out exactly what that means. My guess is fully engineered, commercially permitted structures, which are very pricey. In this case you’ll probably be looking for a long term tenant that can afford to get the project off the ground, and will most likely entail a 20+ year lease to make sure they can properly amortize the cost of building.

Not saying it’s impossible, but it’s not going to be as easy as just finding someone that wants to throw some plants in the ground… Do some research on a local level and decide if it’s still something you want to do! If there are other businesses in the area, approach them and ask for their opinion. People love to talk weed and weed projects… Good luck!!!

Thanks Chris, I will definitely look into what cannabis consultants are around. I am sure that would be the most efficient way to go about it since I dont want to go the wrong way about things while I am learning. As a landowner, and only wanting to play as a land leaser, I need to figure out what is it that I am really investing in to get a cultivator to rent and cultivate on my land.

I bought a house in India for growing. It was pretty cheap and really cool for growing. Have some photo, but I’ll download it later. Today two policemen came to my house and after they saw a Bush in my yard, they asked me to pour them a couple of grams. I fell asleep of course, but I was very surprised since marijuana is prohibited in India. After we smoked with them they told me that they all agree with smoking Marijuana. You can read more about their laws and methods of purchasing real estate on the official website This country is really the best for growing, dudes. Peace.

Wow…this is great to learn! Yes, I have researched how Kern County restricts all cultivation. But yes, I am lucky for it being in CA City. I saw CA City allowed cultivation, medical and non medical store fronts, but didnt know cultivation only allowed indoor/greenhouses. Having growers using greenhouses is the long term goal, though I was hoping to start off with a grower outside since it is easier for a grower to start up.

But this helps a lot. I can stop looking towards setting up the land for outside growers, and hone in on how to make it cultivation friendly for a grower that wants a green house on the property.

As far as me being the landowner, have you seen business proposals of the landowner investing and setting up the greenhouses for the grower already, and letting the grower take care of the utility costs, and costs to run his/her business? Or proposals where landowners just provide the land, and let the cultivator invest in everything they need (including greenhouse construction)?

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