What happened to my Babies?

I planted 2 seeds of Feminized GSC and 2 seeds of Feminized GG4 from a reliable merchant. The plants grew and prospered. I tried to stick the babies around netting, but I wasn’t all that successful. I put them into Budding Stage, watered, fed, and loved them. They now started to get tall, so I bent them below the lights as well as I could. I was using a 400 w Metal Hylide in a 4 plant (small) Grow Tent. I had turned the lights on to Max, but the babies were burning so I turned the lights down to 50%. By week 13, the plants were burning even more, but all the trichomes were still transparent. I turned the lights back up to 75%. By week 17, I decided to harvest. The plants still showed no signs of maturity. What amazed me most, however, was the 30 seeds that fell out of one plant. What happened? Why did the plants never ripen? Was one of the plants so stressed that it became a hermie?
I would appreciate any help anyone can offer.

Hi @plerner39 Welcome to the network!

It does sound like you stressed them bad enough to hermie.

How long did you veg for?

How low did you have the light?

What did you feed them and how much?

Do you have any pics?

Without pics of your setup and plants, it’s hard to determine what happened, it could be bad genetics, nute burn, light burn.

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Hi Piper

Thanks for getting back to me. To answer your questions:

  1. I vegged for 10 weeks.
  2. This is, I think, one of my major problems. The tops of my plants were about 8" from the lights. The Grow tent is about 6’ tall, but by the time the light is installed, the light is about 5’ tall.
  3. I used General Hydroponics Flora Something. I used it at about 1/2 of what they recommended. It seemed to work very well. The plants were lush and green; they looked terrific. Other than the burning on top, there was never any indication the plants were over fed.
  4. The crop was harvested Friday, but I can get you pictures of the burned buds. I will send them to you shortly.

Thanks for your help.


Yeah, when you veg for 8-10 weeks in a small tent you have to learn to train, top, lst, lifta :wink:

You also have to do research on the strains your growing to see how tall they get, easy or hard to grow, whatever the time they tell you will be done always add 2 weeks (except c99 which should be done on day 52).

…lol… but yes… they hermied then stretched and always remember… when you flip to flower expect 75% to 100% stretch…

Sounds similar too my situation I have more plants but idk if the genetics on the seeds… I think a few of them are herms as well after reading the responses here…