What have been your biggest problems with your environmental controls?

@mastergrowers is it reliability, cost, poor install? Started off small and now need more zones covered? I’d love to hear what your issues are?


Great question, @MicroGrow-Daphne!

I think sometimes understanding the user interface of our environmental controller units can be a challenge for some people (especially those among us who are not the most tech inclined :wink:). Having a manufacturer available for quality tech support is always a plus.

What other challenges are our community members facing with their environmental controls?


I believe there needs to be more implementation of light science and math. Most facilities I have visited seem to have lights adjustments for height and even output in the rooms. I think that my biggest observation would be them not actually implementing these advancements in tech. or process. They either have lights all the way to the top because they can’t compensate for either height or light burn, also cooling factors and humidity. Water consumption becomes a major issue with the wrong lights executing the process of photosynthesis in the environment. Most facilities could save money up front on cost and overhead and in the long run with a short blueprint of a couple good lighting options and how they can be beneficial to your plants and environment. There is always pros and cons when it comes to lighting and it always has a negative effect if environmental parameters are not adjusted accordingly. Lights that are easy to access and move are where you should start remember to clean your lights!


Great advice! This is an easy way to ensure your getting the max output of your lights