What i do if the top of my stem breaks mid way

Stim at the top of my plant broke mid way but the leaves around it still look good wat i do


Put some honey/aloe vera on the cracked stem and tape it up with floral tape.


Have a pic? Preybird said it best. If you don’t have any honey or tape. When I’ve broken some I spray a bit of water in the break. Hold them tight together and either use a tie down or string. AS it heals I then take it off.

It will droop for a day or three.


Add brace with a think stick, use garden tape or something to cast it up, it will take a minimum amount of tape and one stick, just prop it up somehow, she should regain the strength and fix it self

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@ growerchucc187
Try to save it! These plants are really hardy & forgiving when handling. Give it a little support to keep injuried spot close together with floral tape per @preybird1​:face_with_head_bandage:. I did this on mine at least twice! Both plants mended themselves completely. Just keep an eye on it​:nerd_face: & nurse it back to health​:partying_face::grin::grin: happy growing​:+1::+1:


No worries @growerchucc187. Like everyone said tape it up and it will mend itself. The aloe vera or honey technique is best. But I’m a little lazy and just tape it up with black duct tape, till I harvest. Never lost a branch yet… The leaves and flowers above the break will keep growing just fine.
Some of us, like myself, break my stems on purpose with High Stress Training.
Everyone else already touched on the fact that the cannabis plant is a very robust amazing plant to grow.
If your plant is healthy, it can indure lots of stress, that actually makes it grow stronger. Plus increase your cannabanoid production.


ur plant will fix its self with a brace and a little tape