What is Seed?


Your customers are as varied as the products you sell. They each have different levels of understanding about their needs and what cannabis has to offer. Every second they spend confused or asking your staff repetitive questions is time and money lost.

Seed is an interactive platform that educates your dispensary guests and helps them find the right cannabis product so they can make confident and happy purchases. It is available in 32" or 22" touchscreen displays that allows dispensary guests to learn at their own pace using technology they are comfortable with.

Seed features an interactive consultation, FAQ’s and a Cannabis 101 section so your dispensary guests can familiarize themselves with what they need to know in order to confidently find and buy the right product.

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Matthew Cutone


If customers can easily access information about all the different products in a visually appealing way before approaching the counter this would create more opportunities to up sale and move customers through faster which would generate more revenue and enhance the experience over all.

What are your thoughts @DispensaryOwners @DispensaryEmployees ?


I totally agree on publishing information about cannabis CBD products and what diseases can alleviate.
I use the MAYOCLINIC website because I trust the health information they provide.
They have a section called the “symptom checker” with 28 symptoms like headaches, dizziness, etc. then it takes you to the related factors, and ends with the possible causes. The cannabis industry could use similar process to identify the patient needs.

I attached the link as a reference below.



Exactly. Moreover, the aim is to make sure that the information they receive in the dispensary is verified and credible – which isn’t always easy to do no matter how much is invested in staff trainings. Also, when a consumer begins to learn about cannabinoids, terpenes, consumption methods, vocabulary, etc., they can become more confident about their cannabis use and learn which products are best for which situations or particular symptoms. Now, they are willing to explore new products, have multiple types of product instead of one go-to and they can be more confident that they had control over what they just purchased, which is huge for customer satisfaction. Not to mention all this interaction is tracked and then reported back to the dispensary owner in the Analytics module so finally have recorded data and actionable insights.

If you can’t catch us at one of the upcoming canna-conferences, we’d still love to show you what we’ve built with Seed and get your feedback! Visit the site, request a demo or drop us a line – we’re happy to connect!

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Thank you for sharing that link. Completely in agreement that this same type of database would do wonders for the cannabis industry. It’s unfortunate that the progress of cannabis research in the states feels like it’s on hold, but I’m hopeful (as I’m sure the rest of this community is) that as the laws loosen up and the stigma lifts that we will eventually be able to match the research coming out of countries like Israel and Uruguay. In the meantime, here at Seed we’ve been pouring thousands of hours into going over the available research so we can integrate it into our cannabinoids and terpenes education. When they interact with these screens, consumers learn about which particular cannabinoids and terpenes (and which consumption method) is best-suited to their wants and needs. I’ve attached a visual of the cannabinoids page for anyone interested. As more concrete research becomes available, we are able to add more definitive information. Luckily, as a SaaS-based product, we can keep up with the ever-evolving world of cannabis education.


This is very interesting! My experience in rec shops here in CO, is that there are many uneducated customers, which can lead to a bad experience for them if they purchase something they might not otherwise had, if they had some education beforehand.

Does this provide information on the strains each dispensary has? Or is this more for education on terpenes, cannabinoids, and what indica/sativa can help you with (along with descriptions of products)?

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I’m glad to hear you find it interesting. Your experience in CO is common and with that being one of the more mature markets. The emerging markets (MA, MI, MD, etc.) are in dire need of education.

You touch on a great point… the customer experience. If a customer purchases a product and their experience doesn’t align with their goal in using cannabis, that lessens the likelihood for true adoption. Not good for the whole industry. Education will significantly improve the customer experience and their adoption of cannabis.

Seed will be integrating with Baker (which basically integrates with all technology platforms) as well as other “inventory management/POS” systems. So… yes, we will be communicating product availability for each dispensary. At the same time, providing education on terpenes, cannabinoids, etc.

Thanks for your comments and interest.