What is the best nutrients for growing hydroponic

I’ve been doing a bunch of research but what better than to hear from experienced growers! Looking for best nutrients for my hydroponic setup

They all use the same ingredients. Find one you like that fits your goals - price, feeding chart, number of bottles, etc.

Welcome @kingkush420
Thats a tough question. And a can of worms in a black hole. We all use different nutrients. You will get lots of answers.
Go to growershouse.com and look at nutrient sample packs. I really like dakine420. And roots organic. And advanced nutrients.

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Ok update: I’ve been using dakine420. On everything i grow because there producer pricing is unbeatable. And there product is simple to use. It works well!

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@preybird1always got some flame flower I would take his recommendation


Yep check out this beauty from Amsterdam.
NYC diesle. Not sour. In a mix i like to do for organic growing in coco. Works well.