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What is the leaf condition telling me?

Hi there, This Auto is nearing its completion. Maybe a week or so. Getting some fan leaf curl and slight brown spotting. What am I looking at here? I have stopped nutes and am going straight H2O now

. Thanks for the insight.


Hey @rockandrides. It’s normal for the leaves to deteriorates as the plant gets ready to die… It’s kind of hard to tell from this picture, but this plant doesn’t look ready yet to my untrained eyes.
But to be sure, let’s ask 2 guys that grow greats autos, what do you think @deusoboy420 and @oldguy? Is it normal? :nerd_face:


It doesnt look done yet to me i usually push my autis with nutes until they start to fade then i flush looks to me like you may have started flush a little bit early and the nute deficiency are starting


@rockandrides. I agree on the too early part as @deusoboy420 stated above.
I’m seeing some premature buds with white pistils sticking out from under a couple leaves.

Just to be clear. The advertised times are for flowering only. You can safely add 3-4 weeks to that for the veg cycle. :v:


OK. Makes sense. I’ll keep feeding. My flower feeding has consisted of all FF Big Bloom and Tiger Bloom. Generally every other day, Growing in 7gl fabric pots. Actually a very healthy looking grow this round. All outside in So Cal sunshine. Thanks


You’re welcome :+1::v: