What is this Deficiency?

Anyone know what this deficiency may be?

Maybe not a deficiency maybe color veragation. Doesnt look like anything to worry about yet.
Variegated plants are born as genetic mutations, which are often referred to as sports. A change within a plant’s cells will trigger the mutation, which results in an outward change in the plant . These changes can take the form of a different leaf shape, bloom color , or leaf color ( variegation


Thank you!

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Could also be temperature or light related.
If she got cold you can see some yellow.
May even be an iron deficiency.

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I agree it looks more like variegation, what strain is it?

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It’s train wreck

Thank you. I’m on top of the temp so I don’t think it got cold. I’ll have to look into iron as I’m a new grower and pretty green when it comes to anything lol.