What is wrong with my leaves?

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Does anyone know what is wrong with these leaves? This is not water staining (water has never touched these leaves). The issue is developing in the middle of the plant. The leaves at the canopy are looking great. Any ideas?

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That look like some sort of pest taking over your plants. Look up the different cannabis bug pest, and treat quickly.

Thanks Welcome! I did think of that and the only pests that look anything alike is powdery mildew, however the marks on my leaves look different. Unsure if that is it. Could it also be just lower canopy leaves not getting that much light hence having these issues?

Powdery Mildew

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Spider mites. I’m just getting over mine and the leaves were looking like that. Neem oil spray and predatory mites are you best option. I’d spray now and get the bugs over night, you’ll be good in 2 weeks

Here are magnified pics of the leaves. I don’t see any spider mites. Just want to ensure I am doing the best corrective action - thanks!

You’re welcome! What are the black specks? After some more research, I learned that it’s more likely you have Thrips which are also hard to spot and cause symptoms similar to spider mites. I’d still get some predators/spray with neem!

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Thanks for the advice.

It’s frass! (bug shit)

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