What is you’re thought about this

So as you all know. Or not. I have a group of chemstar91 and a group of Choc Thai x Charlotte web.
my plan was to breed the chemstars back with themselves and breed into the CT.
Well I made a mistake and killed my only male of the CS91. Breeding into the CT was the plan. Not the other way around.
How do you approach the male donor to female donor. Not talking in terms of phenols. Rather in terms of who goes where. As it kinda makes a difference. Not sure it would be the same. Feel like it would CT dom , then I’d have to pheno for the CS91 rando. Right?


@Geneticists may want to get in on this conversation

Hiiiii, here’s the breeders bible in case you wanna read a little about it http://www.mediafire.com/file/6lcu9xogrv11cb4/The_Cannabis_Breeder_39_s_Bible_Magik_420.pdf


As far as I understand things…

It is generally a guessing game what traits you are going to get from a male plant. But if you want more of the CS91 traits, then you would do well to impregnate a female CS91 that has the traits you like. I think regardless you are going to have to pheno hunt through the first gen of seeds to find the plant you are going for.

I know that some genetics are lock and some are key, and lock lock or key key together can lead to some very unstable genetics (think clone only strains for example).

This is about all I have to offer on the subject unfortunately, since I’m not really a breeder or genetics person just someone that has made some crosses for fun (and have had both the male and female plants’ traits show themselves very well also).