What is your favorite AZ testing facility?

I know this question is quite narrow in its applicability, but I need your recommendation for a good lab to have a bunch of samples sent out here the The Grand Canyon State.

Why is your lab the best?


$35 for Potency testing
$30 for Residual Solvents
$30 for Yeast and Molds
$125 for Pesticides
KB Labs 602-321-5695
Scottsdale, Arizona


Nice! Thanks! Will be calling soon. Do you pickup in Tucson?


Our lab is in Scottsdale. Samples can be dropped off.



Gotcha. If I can’t find someone closer I’ll do the four hour turn and burn to Scottsdale

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If you do come to Scottsdale, 2 of your flowers samples testing is on us to cover your gas cost!


Ive been using Arizona Analytical in Tucson. Rich is a great guy and very knowledgeable. (520) 678-8502


Thanks so much! That’s very generous! I may be up there this week or sometime after MJBizCon.

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So are you going to lab test your product?

This is a question I ask the majority of growers in Arizona that mainly just talking about testing but never come around to actually test their products and sell them untested. This is a trend in Arizona and patients should know about this. Ask to see the lab COA (Certificate of Analysis) Before you buy any strain of flower sold in Arizona.


I’ve got a lab down here who will pick up samples and do a terpene analysis, which is a large part of what was after. Thanks so much for the offer and bringing attention to this issue!

We would like to see you testing for full panels not just for THC and terpenes, those tests just show the % of THC and terpenes in your flowers.

You also need to test for pesticides, yeast and mold, E.Coli and Salmonella. Mycotoxins is a lethal fungi that grow in cannabis it’s need to be tested. Also you need to test your flower for heavy-metal to determine that they don’t carry any of the toxic metals that get to the flower from the soil, you also need to test for moister analysis because when you pack your flower it will develop mold if it’s wet.
If your are extract any of your flowers you need to test for residual solvents. After your flower “pass” all those tests then it is ready for market.

I am challenging you to show us the results of all those testing on your flowers. Please post the certification that your flowers have been tested for all those items here on the board.

You and many growers in Arizona…enough with all your talking about testing it’s time to proof to the Arizona patients that you are indeed care about there health and not just your pocket. And show that you are truthfully Justin to keep your product clean and healthy.

California growers were telling the same testing story to CA patients Until state testing regulation kicked in on July 1 this year. $50 million Worth of products came off the shelf because growers knew that their product will not past regulation testing.

It’s time for Arizona cannabis businesses to initiate full panels testing and to show the consumer that their product is not just high with THC. That their products is clean from pesticides and microbiology.

This is your commitment to the Arizona cannabis users. And I’m fortunately you’re not there yet.


It is imperative that the Cannabis Industry wholeheartedly adopts full testing protocols! We expect ALL of our FOOD PRODUCTS to be safe for consumption. It is only through USDA standards that this multitude of food product markets evolved and thrived.

I understand it is another expense for growers, but please realize that only through chain of custody and full lab certification will black market materials be kept off the market! What better and more ethical response can commercial cannabis growers( truly interested in expanding markets)do to demonstrate their professionalism?

Just imagine if Canada fails to enforce consumer protections for their products, and US product has strict quality assurance for consumers…

Why Arizona cannabis growers test mainly for THC levels?
Why Arizona cannabis growers do not test for pesticides?
Why Arizona cannabis growers do not test for heavy metals?
Why Arizona cannabis growers do not test for yeast and molds?
Why Arizona cannabis growers do not test for E.Coli and Salmonella?
Why Arizona cannabis growers do not test for water activity?
Are they afraid to spend the money?
Are they afraid for what the testing may revealed abut their flowers?
All it takes is time and molds money.

Unfortunately AZ labs have made testing very expensive at over $100 per sample. If I have 15 samples to test, I’m closing in on two grand. I operate as a non-profit on a donation basis. These samples are for R&D purposes to test light on terpene/THC levels. No dispensaries in this state test their product after every harvest. None. While I agree this is a problem, until it is made mandatory, no grower or dispensary is going to take the time or expense to have every harvest tested. Sorry, this just isn’t happening.

Perhaps legislation can be passed to make it mandatory for dispensaries and caregivers alike to make testing a mandatory part of law. Efforts toward this end have failed in the state legislature. I suggest every concerned patient in the state of AZ call their local legislator and ask to push for legislation to be passed to make testing mandatory.Maybe then labs will charge less to have samples tested or they will be subsidized. Otherwise waiting for growers to self-regulate is a pipe dream.

Senator Borelli’s introduced legislation that would have mandated testing for all AZ growers and had a subsidy built in to offset the cost paid for by the dept. of agriculture. Unfortunately, it failed.

Luckily, if there is concern about a sample, I know a lab down here who will test for molds/path/pests free of charge or at a reduced rate to ensure patient safety. I have had patients brings products bought at a dispensary that the patient suspected was contaminated, so the lab tested those products for free. We pay more than any other state as patients to maintain our legal status, it’s ludicrous that the honus of responsibility for testing should fall on our shoulders as well. The lab owner in Tucson understands this and dips into his marketing budget to help offset the cost for patients. We all appreciate it greatly.

If you are down to pay for cost of the samples, @blerer1, I am open to having every single flower I grow tested and the results publicly posted for the world to see. I operate a non-profit R&D facility. Our patients pay for this testing. Consider it free marketing on your end. Put your money where your mouth is. Are you up for this challenge?

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It doesn’t matter if you sell cannabis for profit or you give cannabis for free.
If you product is contaminated you are poisoning your patience! In CA the cost of regulations testing as of now is $700-$1000 per flower. So the price for testing you pay in Arizona are not even close.
Arizona cannabis growers and Dispensaries made $52 million in May 2018 alone. And your crying about the cost of testing in Arizona.

I ended up in the red last year for my work. We;re not in Cali, my friend.

So I take it that’s a no? You are claiming I am “poisoning patients” and you aren’t willing to prove that? I can have every sample I grow at your lab’s doorstep come morning. Put your money where your mouth is if you’re going to call shenanigans. Unless you want to write a check your lab can’t cash…

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I will run full panels, microbiology and pesticides on all your flowers. The first 2 strains are on me, you pay $160 for every other strain you grow. Much less then C4 would charge you for those testing. Show the world that your flowers are clean and put your money where your mouth is.

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Sounds fair to me. I’ll send some samples your way.

Thank you

Sure, just give us head up before you come in. KB Labs

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