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What is your favorite dry-flower vape? Why?

Boundless, Storz&Bickel, Ghost, Hazetech, Grasshopper, Vriptech…other? What is your favorite dry flower vape? Why? What makes your vape preferable to others that you may have tried in the past?


The good ones are so expensive I can only test one at a time. :smiley: I have a Pax 3 that works well for me. I tried a cheaper one (Fez) that worked “okay” but had zero features. The Pax 3 is highly configurable, has a nice iPhone app, and the one I have came with a dab crucible so I can vape extract with it as well.


I like both haze tech’s models.

Then newer one is nice with the ability to have 4 separate preloaded bowls.

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The Storz and Bickel Plenty is nice too, and of course who hasn’t heard of the volcano.


I :green_heart: my Volcano (and have been loving it for almost 15 years!)

There is a company on the pro forum that makes a few handheld dry flower vapes that I have been loving recently. These vapes are super handy, stealth, and great for on-the-go vaping. As a bonus they have an insert that allows for vaping of oil. If you are interested in getting some more info, DM me and I’d be happy to give you all the details.


My first one was a Flowermate Nano, which was good but had a so-so drag and a small chamber.
I use the Boundless Tera now. Lots of accessories came with it, dab pad, extra screens, water pipe adapter and a couple different mouthpieces. It’s with that one that I really could taste the terpenes (?) in my cannabis. I found out that Banana Kush really had undertones of banana flavor. It’s really opened a world of flavors for me!