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What is your preferred medium?

I am running a living coco-based super soil amended with worm castings and other natural amendments.

In what medium are you growing?


Coco + Verm + Perlite with a dash of peat to help with rootzone pH down the line.


Nice! @mike.c, great minds think alike!

What grade perlite are you using? I like a mix of Thermo-Rock coarse with some #3 or #4 Mother Earth Perlite for a healthy blend of coarse to chunky. Provides great aeration for my roots.

Are you using any mycorrhizae?


Riococo 2 gallon open top bags with HGV nutrients. Simple, clean, efficient, and phenomenal yields.


Nice! How do you like the Riococo? How does it compare with other media you have used in the past?


We had actually gone back to Rockwool due to poor quality coco over the last year or so. I had contacted Riococo a few years ago but they weren’t cannabis friendly at that time. They now have a cannabis division. They have been supplying commercial ag with a very high quality product for years so I really wanted to be able to get it for our facility and now we can! They have the right blend of coco to provide similar aeration and water holding capacity of rockwool with the ease of running coco. Most people don’t have a proper irrigation system in place for rockwool so these open top bags are a great alternative. Also, no pots to fill or clean!


I have also had some issues lately sourcing good fresh coco. Luckily I cleanse and reuse my medium so I have a pretty healthy stockpile of good coco ready to reintegrate.

Does anyone else cleanse or reuse their medium?


I have been doing some experimentation with Growpito virgin rockwool. The difference with what I do with rockwool compared with many growers is I treat it the same way I treat my soil. I only water/fertilize once a day and I use much more rockwool than you would find with any block - 5 gal per plant. So far I have seen some really interesting results. I am growing side-by-side with my existing growth regimen with identical cultivars so I will have a pretty accurate idea of how the rockwool compares with the coco. Stand by for results.

Here’s the rockwool side by side with some Coco. In all fairness, these are two very different strains so it may not be a fair comparison


We use soil in our facility, anybody have tips or good tech for cleaning pots? Fortunately I have a crew that can do it for me now, but Ive cleaned my fair share so anything I can do to help them out would be greatly appreciated!


Constant Composter COCO additive .
-coco coir
-volcanic ash
-microbial magic (wsp)
Fantastic to add to any grow medium. no perlite needed and it’ll buffer old soils and rejuvenate em constant_composter_info.pdf (188.8 KB)


I saw a difference in root size . plant size , labor and water reduction
coco base


Are you using any kind of microbial cleanse or enzymes?


What soil brand are you using?


Yup, i like to mix the thermorock stuff with the higher size (3,4). Hate how the small stuff can come up to the surface if topwatered.
Also, IME, creating a 1-3" boundary root zone layer at the bottom of larger 25L+ pots with 3, 4 Perlite does wonders for drainage, salt runoff, and rootzone air exchange.

As far as innoculants go, i like to add them in veg then add more diversity during transition.
no good organisms means bad organisms


Right on! I totally agree with the perlite in the bottom of the pot if you are using plastics. I my case, I am using fabric Root Pouch pots and they provide tons of aeration. Every time I have added the perlite to the bottom of the fabric pots I have found that I have a huge mess to clean up come root shucking time.

Interesting approach to creating a diverse microbial colony. Any favorite inoculations you want to call out?


ideal veg - higher humidity, lower leaf pH, potential for damping off higher:
Streptomyces lydicus
Bacillus subtilis
Trichoderma harzianum

Beauveria bassiana
and/or Stienernema f. nematodes

transition/flower -
Glomus iranicum
Isaria fumosorosea
re-inoc with veg as well.
More nematodes if gnats or r-aphids

Milstop for bio-chemical fungus control


Dakine 420’s Coco coir lite. With Atomic Root Powder.

Great for an aeration blend with a 70/30 coco/perlite, Yucca extract for a wetting agent, dolomite for a ph buffer and our biominerals for a great Microbial life. Only thing added for the massive roots in the video below at 8:00min in, is our Atomic root powder once per week on flush day. Check out the video and let me know what you think!


We use vermisoil, not my favorite but we just moved to that after having issues with vermifire soil


I suspect with the growing number of people growing cannabis across the U.S. and Canada, a lot of soil manufacturers are having a hard time maintaining consistent supply to keep up with demand. My fear is that some may cut corners and sacrifice quality to bring ample quantities of soil to market.

Do others share similar fears?


Cloud Coir
Myco Jordan