What kind of exhaust system/Fan

Looking for advice on what type of exhaust system to use to remove heat from my metal building.

Metal building is 24x40x12 heat from grow room is exhausted to highest part of ceiling but I want to remove all heat and exhaust it outside. Any suggestions?



@chrisj that is definitely a possibility in the future, but as for right now no.Here is where my problem lies.

So metal building itself is insulated with 6” spray foam on ceiling and 4” on side walls. I built a 10x8x8 room with 2” insulation foam board on walls and ceiling. 2 air cooled600 watt hps with 8” Blockbuster hoods. Have a 400 cfm fan that pushes air threw the hoods and it comes on when lights come on 8PM. On the other side of hoods 800CFM fan that is controlled by by ink bird controller. When temps get 77F that fan turns on and pulls heat from light and it is ducted outside grow room and to the top of metal building but not outside the building. My dehumidifier gets real hot so I put a vent on it’s exhaust and took 6” insulated ducting and ran that hot air out of the room and is ducted to top of buildings but not outside the building.
I have a window ac and insulated the cold air it produces and it blows in the grow room where I have an oscillating fan to push air around in grow room. In the last week it’s been 90F plus during the day and 80F at night. I normally go out to shop at night and open my overhead doors and put some fans In the door to blow cool air in and cool off the building. I do the same in the AM before lights go off at 8AM to cool building off.
BUT now the nights aren’t cool just hot and humid and I’m f@cked with 3 weeks left In flower and I have a great environment for PM and pest! Lights on temps 80F lights off bout the same. Only good thing is that the new dehumidifier is doing a great job keeping humidity at 55% So other than a swamp cooler or mini split I’m thinking if I get a good exhaust system for my shop maybe it will keep temps 3-5 degrees cooler?
What do you think

High @Hotload. Not to sure what the final goal is. Are you converting the entire area into a grow house?

If its just get rid of the hot air as simply as possibly you might want to go for a whirly bird/turbine option. If it is to grow you want to look at your exact grow area and the amount of air replacement you need, air in and out. You can see a great selection of fans here on Growers House.